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Nelly "My Place"   
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Nokia ComposerTempo: 160
8d2, 4f2, 8d2, 4f2, 8d2, 2.f2, 8d2, 8-, 4c2, 2.#a1, 8-, 8d2, 8#d2, 8-, 4d2, 8c2, 8#a1, 8g2, 16d1, 16-, 2f2, 8-, 16d1, 16-, 8-, 16g1, 16-, 8-, 2-, 16g1, 16-, 8-, 16c1, 16-, 8-, 2-, 16c1, 16-, 8-, 16f1, 16-, 8-, 16#d1, 16-, 8-, 16d1, 16-, 8-
Nokia RTTTL format ringtone of My Place
MyPlace:d=4,o=5,b=160:8d6, 4f6, 8d6, 4f6, 8d6, 2.f6, 8d6, 8p, 4c6, 2.a#, 8p, 8d6, 8d#6, 8p, 4d6, 8c6, 8a#, 8g6, 16d, 16p, 2f6, 8p, 16d, 16p, 8p, 16g, 16p, 8p, 2p, 16g, 16p, 8p, 16c, 16p, 8p, 2p, 16c, 16p, 8p, 16f, 16p, 8p, 16d#, 16p, 8p, 16d, 16p, 8p
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